Scientific mission

Through our research we continue to answer new questions about the nature of the infant cry, while designing and developing efficient signal-processing and machine-learning algorithms for analysis.

Ubenwa Research

Clinical development pipeline

We are developing a robust platform for early screening and monitoring of a range of neurological and respiratory conditions affecting infants.

List of Publications


Adnan M. Al Ali, Charles Onu, Samantha Latremouille, Wijdan Basfar, Eva B. Senechal, Doina Precup, and Guilherme Sant'Anna. What's wrong, baby? An acoustic analysis of cry triggers in newborns. Abstract and poster presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies meeting on April 22, 2022 in Denver, CO.


CC Onu, J Lebensold, WL Hamilton, D Precup, 20th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association INTERSPEECH 2019.


CC Onu, I Udeogu, E Ndiomu, U Kengni, D Precup, GM Sant'anna, EAD Alikor, P Opara, “Ubenwa: Cry-based Diagnosis of Birth Asphyxia”, Machine Learning for Development workshop, 31st Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems 2017

CC Onu, I Udeogu, E Ndiomu, “SVM Approach to the Cry-based Diagnosis of Birth Asphyxia,” Machine Learning for Healthcare workshop, 29th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, 2015. Best Paper Award (Nvidia Titan X GPU)


CC Onu, “Harnessing infant cry for swift, cost-effective diagnosis of perinatal asphyxia in low-resource settings,” IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IHTC), 2014

Our Clinical Partners

We work with leading hospitals in Brazil, Canada, and Nigeria. Learn
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